New DACA Policy Changes

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Published: January 20, 2021

On November 14, 2020 Judge Nicholas George Garaufis of the U.S. District for the Eastern District of New York issued an opinion regarding the July 28th, 2020 memorandum signed by Acting Secretary Chad F. Wolf. On December 4, 2020 Judge Garaufis required the Department of Homeland Security to take action to implement his November 14 opinion. As a result, USCIS is now accepting first-time request of consideration of deferred action under DACA based on the terms of the DACA policy in effect prior to September 5, 2017, in accordance with the Court’s December 4, 2020 order.

  • Eligibility requirements for initial DACA applications:
  • Must be born on or after June 16, 1981
  • Must be at least 15 years old at time of filing DACA application
  • Came to the U.S. before reaching your 16th birthday
  • Continuously resided in the U.S. since June 15, 2007 up to the present time
  • Were physically present in the U.S. at time of filing DACA application
  • Entered without inspection, or lawful immigration status expired as of June 15, 2012
  • Are currently in school, have graduated from high school, or obtained a GED
  • Have not been convicted of a felony, significant misdemeanor, and do not pose a threat to national security or public safety

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